My latest book project, launched November 2021
'Midsummer Magic'
for age 4-9, 40 pages.  £10  @  Bookbugs & Dragon Tales, 
Hellesdon Barns Garden Centre (Hall Rd.)
The Book Hive, Jarrold Department Store and The Greengrocers at Earlham Rd.

Order via Etsy, £12.75 in UK including delivery charge

I'm not on Amazon.


A story book with an interactive game to spot a witch's sigil on each page/double page of the illustration. 


In Europe, midsummer’s day (also known as the summer solstice) has been a festival held to celebrate the longest day of the year since ancient times. People worshipped the power of the sun and fended off evil spirits by burning sacred bonfires.


Men and women wore flower garlands on their heads, and feasted and danced around the bonfires. Some even leapt through the flames for good luck. In some places, wheels bound with straw were set on fire and rolled down hillsides. After the fires had burned out and the embers had cooled, villagers made protective amulets from the ashes, by kneading them with clay. They kept the amulets with them wherever they went for good luck.


Midsummer Magic is a tale based on the ancient tradition of the Midsummer Eve bonfire. Celebrating the power of the sun on the evening of the longest day was believed to help protect the community against witches and dark forces. 


The tale unfolds as Freya and her pet ferret venture into the midnight woods to find a way to undo the spell that is preventing the villagers from lighting the bonfire . Her knowledge of protective herbs and her courage in confronting the ordeals she must face eventually save the day.